“WITHIN” – Published in “The Tiny Globule”


THE TINY GLOBULE: An Anthology of Sci-fi Short Stories

(6E Publishing; Edited by C.G. Hatton and Graeme Wilkinson).

Featuring my short story: “WITHIN”

One afternoon, whilst perusing my local WH Smiths in Romford for tattoo magazines, I decided to pick up a copy of The Writing Magazine. For some time I’d been contemplating taking up writing again, and I wondered if such a publication would offer me any guidance or sage advice.

Whilst it was packed with illuminating articles, interviews and editorials, it was the “Marketplace” section that opened my eyes. Here was a cornucopia of publishers – some established, some new – all looking for writers’ works to publish. But what really sparked my curiosity was discovery one advert fishing for horror/fantasy/sci-fi submissions from “new voices” to those genres. I decided to go for it!

“WITHIN” was the end result and, for a first time submission, I was utterly shocked when it was selected for inclusion!

The Tiny Globule (eBook) is available from Smashwords and Amazon (UK) (US).



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